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Campbell Specialty Company, Inc.

76 Years in Business

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             Campbell Specialty Company, Inc. was established in 1934.  As an Original Equipment Manufacturer of a complete line of pulley blocks for stringing electric conductors, the company has sold products throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Japan, Thailand, and many other countries. 


             Thomas R. Campbell, the founder, was born in Pennsylvania in 1905.  He came to Okmulgee, Oklahoma in 1926 to work for his uncle who owned a manufacturing company which made tools for the booming petroleum industry.  In 1929 Thomas met and married his wife, Celine Bantuelle, and the couple had two sons, Ronald and Richard.  The death of the uncle in 1934 led to the closing of the prosperous manufacturing company.  This provided Thomas Campbell the impetus to begin his own manufacturing business in an 8-foot by 10-foot building in his back yard.  He began producing a heavy-duty block with good bearings for the oilfields, and he made some sales. 


A few years later on a trip to visit relatives in Pennsylvania, he stopped in Ohio where an electric line was being strung near the road.  “There are more pulleys up there than I will ever make in a lifetime for the oilfields,” he thought.  Thus began the move into electric utility tool production, and the birth of Campbell Specialty Company. 


In 1937 Thomas and Celine had another son, Glenn.  As the three sons, Ronald, Richard and Glenn neared their teenage years, they began working hard in the family business.  They learned engineering, production processes and machining from the ground up.  A daughter, Carolyn, the baby of the family was born in 1947. 


When on a line project location, Thomas Campbell found the utility construction crews were using large and awkward blocks.  “They were monsters to use, so I went home and designed a more modern and lightweight block,” he said.  Shortly after the new design was produced, a contractor gave him an order for two hundred blocks.  The business grew dramatically in the 1950s.      


1959 marked the incorporation of Campbell Specialty Company, Inc.  As the business grew the positions of father and sons evolved synergistically.  Thomas Campbell did new product design, sales, and management.  Ronald oversaw machine operations.  Richard was in charge of the aluminum foundry and steel fabrication.  Glenn did machining and assembly.  Father and sons all did engineering and design work.


In 2004, Thomas Campbell died at the age of ninety-nine.  Richard Campbell died in 2005.  Both men were legend for their strength of character, admirable talents, and multi-faceted abilities.  Their memories are a blessing. 


Campbell Specialty Company, Inc. is still owned and operated by Ronald Campbell, Glenn Campbell, and Carolyn Campbell.  Ronald is the president and CEO.  Glenn Campbell is the secretary and treasurer.  Carolyn Campbell is vice-president.  The three are members of the board of directors. 


Ronald Campbell’s son, Clay Campbell, does CAD designing and CNC programming and machining.  Carolyn Campbell’s son, Mason Hacker, does the designing and maintenance of the Campbell Specialty Company, Inc. websites and .


Celine & Thomas R. Campbell